Why, yes, there ARE zombies in Chaucer, when you think about it...

Why, yes, there ARE zombies in Chaucer, when you think about it...


Which Sometimes We Tell the Truth Character are you? Here's a One-Question quiz to find out... 


Sometimes We Tell the Truth One-question Chaucerian Personality Test!

Which answer applies to you most?         


Question: Tell us about your appearance.

1. You never got braces and have a huge gap between your front teeth. It’s never bothered you in the slightest. In fact, you like it because it makes you different, and you love being different.

2. You could show off your body if you wanted to, but usually, you tone it down when you’re not in your cheer uniform. You have an example to set for others.

3. You have a forked beard that is so worth the upkeep. You’re the only one at the whole school with a forked beard, and you don’t even know why this isn’t a thing.

4. The Patriarchy must die, and the first member of the Patriarchy to die is the guy who tells you that you’d look prettier if you smiled.

5. What was the question? You were kind of chilling with your eyes closed.

6. You are beyond good-looking. You look like money in human form.

7. Girls have said your neck is nice, so you like to angle your head to make the most of that. And it works.

8. Being a guy with rosy cheeks is just so wrong. Being a guy with rosy cheeks having a beer at a party makes you feel like Pinocchio or something. Girls pat your cheek, but they won’t date you. It’s like a conspiracy.

9. Growing up you focused on grades and playing ball, when all the sudden, everyone thinks you’re hot. It’s kind of great and kind of weird. You just keep studying and playing ball.

10. You always streak your hair with a bit of color. By your clothes, people might not know that you’re a straight-A student, but you want them to know. You’re the girl who likes to be the best in all the ways.

11. You are cursed with zits. People joke that you scare children just by existing. You act like you don’t give a shit, then get back at them later.

12. You’re that cute guy who studies. A lot. The narrator of the novel faults you for being a chronic blinker, but actually, girls love it.

13. People actually ask you if you’re a writer, because you look like one in those hip boxy glasses. It works out, because you are one, and you like it that way.

14. You’re a super cute cheerleader. You look like a Disney princess, without an ounce of Mean in you. Even your voice. Babies smile whenever you walk by. So do guys.

15. You act confident, but you don’t like being asked the whats and whys about your looks. You’ve been asked that question—the “are you a girl or a boy?” question. Not often, but, yeah, it’s memorable. To Hell with them.

16. You’re a big golden retriever that wants to hug every person on earth.

17. Your personal appearance is perfectly acceptable. You are tall, dark, and perfectly acceptable. It’s insulting that females take no interest, and the males give you no respect. High school is a place of misery for the perfectly acceptable.

18. You were the skinny, serious girl who became popular in high school. You’re enjoying the popularity, but the politics of a person’s rise and fall fascinate and scare you. You wonder how much of a say you really have in all of it.

19. There’s no getting around it, or getting around you. You’re a big, big guy. You’ve made it work for you. You’re on the team and the loudest dude in the locker room or anywhere else.

20. You’re that fringe popular type. The person who takes more risks, smokes more, has more fun. Your favorite articles of clothing are ones you shoplifted.

21. You take great care over your personal appearance, trying to look pretty, and you’re smart enough to know looks don’t truly matter. Still. Still.

22. You’re bald, okay? Big deal. You’re not even a teenager so what do people expect?

Once you have your answer (or two, if you can't decide), you can find the answers by clicking on the Quiz Answers/Random Links icon (it has the image of Lupe's feather). Or, if you have the book, check out the list of characters. Skipping Mr. Bailey and Cannon, all the remaining 22 characters are reflected in the quiz in alphabetical order. Find the corresponding character, descriptions at the front of the book, and the non-spoilery Chaucerian equivalents listed in the back. 

Now you can read the novel and Chaucer and root for your character!

p.s. Each character has their own spot art--and I have stickers for each of piece of artwork. If you are interested in getting a sticker of your character's spot-art, I give them away at events, and sometimes I give them away to people who ask. I was really into stickers when I was younger, so these stickers make me absurdly happy.