Why, yes, there ARE zombies in Chaucer, when you think about it...

Why, yes, there ARE zombies in Chaucer, when you think about it...


How you can give chaucer a hand...

Chaucer scholars need your help! Here's the deal:

A group of scholars have put together a collection of essays on The Canterbury Tales geared for college students--but unlike most scholarly books, this one will be on the internet, FREE for anyone to use! Right now a bunch of drafts are up. Would you be able to read one or two (or three?) and provide some feedback? In return, I will reward you with CHAUCER SWAG, a matching sticker for each essay you read/comment on. For example, if you read the essay on The Knight's Tale, I will send you the sticker of the modernized Knight from Sometimes We Tell the Truth. That person happens to be Kai, who tells a story about two zombies stuck in the world of the living, hence the severed hand sticker will be ALL YOURS. Fun, right? Collect stickers AND be scholarly!

(1) To get started, go the website for the Open Access Chaucer Companion, the site with all those tasty essays awaiting commentary:


There is a link to explain how to leave comments here: 


(2) Read essays and leave comments! You leave your name when you comment on the essays. Read as many as you wish! 

(3) Once you are finished reading all the essays you want to read, contact me to let me know you're ready for the Chaucer swag you've earned (and let me know which ones you read). Earn as many stickers as you like. Collect them all! And I will enter your names for each essay you critique for a free copy of my novel, Sometimes We Tell the Truth. SO…read some essays, earn stickers, and maybe get a free and autographed Chaucer YA novel! All the while, you're helping scholars refine a book that will help lots of students, free to them!!! Worthy cause! This offer ends December 15, 2016, so hop to it and help the Chaucerian world!